About Allegiant

Helping Owners and Investors Expand their Options ….


Based in Atlanta Georgia, Allegiant specializes in providing intermediary and exit management services for small and middle-market businesses. Allegiant supports investors, business owners and company management with a team of experienced professionals and affiliated specialists that provide critical expertise in the areas of business consultancy, valuations, law, finance, private equity, commercial banking and more.

Together, Allegiant’s team is dedicated to providing clients with effective support, tailored to individual circumstances, that is second to none. We are committed to defining and realizing the maximum value in every aspect of our work and on maintaining confidentiality among all parties.


Why Allegiant? 

  • We provide support, tailored to the unique circumstances of each client.
  • We provide the same extraordinary support to all clients regardless of their size.
  • We are experienced and confident dealing with transactions across numerous industries.
  • We provide a level playing field between buyers and sellers.
  • We maximize results through a professionally run and effective transaction process.
  • We protect our clients from undesirable publicity by maintaining confidentiality among all parties involved.
  • We provide national and international exposure through extensive industry contacts and professional relationships.
  • We allow our clients to remain focused on their business while we manage the transaction processes.
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